RUN — Saas & Ai Startup Framer Template

RUN is a minimal Framer template designed to jumpstart the website development for your software company, AI startup, fintech startup, tech startup, or any other SaaS business.

This template empowers you to launch a professional and user-friendly website in no time, allowing you to focus on what matters most - growing your tech business.

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Membership functionality gated with FramerAuth
Complete user flow, subscription management & auto-generated license keys
7 CMS collections: FAQ, Integrations, Team, Careers, Help Center, Blog, Changelog
20 page-types
High-Quality Development & Page Structure
Easily Customised and Updated
Fully optimised for speed & SEO
Smooth Scroll, Animations & Interactions.
Template guide included

Important: RUN needs a Framer Pro hosting plan (Use this link to register on Framer & get 3 Free months on the Yearly Pro Plan. Make sure you use "partner25proyearly" promo code at checkout.). Additionally, you need a FramerAuth subscription if you want to use the optional membership subscription feature as well.

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